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As a Real Estate Agent that grew up in a single parent home, I hold a special place in my heart for single parents. Especially for those that have dreams of owning a place they can call home. Where they can create amazing lifelong memories with their family.

Our foundation's purpose is to provide a one-time grant for single parents that earn under a certain amount of income. The rapid rise in home prices and the increase in interest rates are already decreasing home buying ability, not to mention the demand for buyers to cover all the costs of purchasing a home.


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Down Payment

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Home Inspection

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Closing Costs



This grant will help families with their down payment, closing costs, and/or buy down interest rate points to go towards the purchase of their new home.  


Factoring in the cost of living and purchasing a home, our “Bridge the Gap” Grant stands to change a ton of lives!

Homebuyer's Guide 

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Your First Key Inc.

Bridging The Gap 

Our Vision

The Vision of this foundation is to make contributions to an avenue towards wealth building through homeownership for single parent households. Our First Time Homebuyer Grant will allow single parents to relieve some of the financial burden of purchasing their first home with no repayment requirements.


Our Mission is to assist in bridging the gap between the financial disadvantage of a single parent homebuyer compared to homebuyers who are married or with higher income. 

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All applicants applying for the First Time Home Buyer Grant must be single parent first-time homebuyers; anyone who has owned a home in the past three years is ineligible. Applicants must attend and complete homebuyer training, and the total household annual income cannot exceed 80% of the median income set by HUD. The property being purchased must serve as the applicant's primary residence, and it must be located within the State of MS.

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